Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Getting Back On Track Once More

With Spanking360 updating and reassuring their upcoming launch (told you so!), we find it time to wind down summer and continue our modelling and blog updates. Rest assure that there has been no lack of bottom burning for either one of us, and it appears that things are only going to get hotter! We have been updated on Audrey's main site, that is still under construction. Tommy is a cute looking Top, don't you think? And Giselle is just the most adorable little brat anyone could want in a bottom. Also, you can see that we have a new addition to the Spanking360 family! We are excited to work with both of the new models and get the chance to all learn together...even if it is the hard way. It's no fun any other way, is it? ;)

Audrey Knight has been an excellent host to our introduction into the spanking world. She has given us a 360 degree view of it all. Though we still have much to learn about not only ourselves as individuals, but as a couple, it seems that we have been given an excellent start in our adventure. It really is an honor to learn from her and Stefan Rhyzhkov. Both are excellent influences and quite good at administering good hard spankings! Can you tell we are blushing? :)

It is great to see you all coming back to visit our blog and give your two cents. Please! Keep the comments and poll participation coming! The more the better! We need ideas for our next home movie shoot. Yes, there was a first one...if you have read our past posts you would know that! Naughty naughty if you haven't. It sits patiently in Tommy's phone as a reminder to what he can expect to happen when he is a bad boy. Maybe it will show up one day for you to see. To break in our new place, we have decided to make a new one. What do you think should happen? Does Tommy need another reminder of the consequences of naughty actions? Or is it Giselle that deserves to be the first to have the new neighbors hear yelping and whimpering? What implements should we use? We have plenty to choose from. What about outfits? Giselle isn't the only one that looks good all dressed up you know ;)

We can't wait to get our naughty bottoms back to work. We have been sitting down for long enough hehe. We don't think that we should be this excited to getting spanked by the pros again...but that must mean that we know we really deserve it!

Happy Spanks!!!

<3 G and T


  1. Hi guys! I'm so excited to shoot soon... It has been entirely too long! You're both overdue... Brace yourselves... Serious bottom blisterings coming your way! See you soon!

  2. Spanking 360 ready to launch--I will believe it when I see it....

  3. I would like to offer you my best wishes on your new endeavor on your new site. My name is Jack and I was wondering if we could see more clips covering female spanks male traditional OTK spankings in your new member site. It has been frustrating for me when trying to locate the type of clips that feature traditional OTK on Clipsforsale with a F/M theme. My fetish is so unique but simple that it has left me constantly searching for my style or fetish. I also know there are others in the F/M spanking community who also share my frustration. I am especially looking for clips which include yourself and other ladies administering traditional OTK to errant males. I am looking for the below type scenes:

    1) CFNM - I really think having a man completely exposed and nude in front of fully clothed women is quite a power trip

    2) Size of man - I think having a man really short and skinny just enhances his vulnerability in the hands of the ladies. This is truly the most intense erotic visual to see a small naked male completely at the mercy and hanging helplessly over a girls knee

    3) Use of a traditional armless chair - This for some reason is one of the hardest type of clips to find in regards to F/M spankings on the net. In contrast F/F and M/F spanking clips all seem to use the traditional method of the spanker seated on a chair and taking the spankee over his or her lap. Finding a small man solves this problem

    4) Legs dangling off the ground - believe it or not this to me is the biggest power trip of all as there is nothing more erotic to F/M spanking fans than to see a woman take a small man over her lap and he dangles helplessly under her complete control

    5) Multiple ladies - Seeing multiple girls take turns spanking a fully nude man over their knee while they are dressed in regular attire is quite a plus. I would especially enjoy seeing Miss jenni assist and adminsiter OTK in a FM setting

    6) Regular clothing or uniforms - For me seeing ladies dressed in regular clothing is more sexy than fetish attire. I know that I am in the minority there but true spankos really do enjoy seeing the ladies dressed in either regular attire or even uniforms. One big fantasy is the sorority initiation where a male is stripped naked and spanked over each girls knee while dressed in plaid skirts and blouses.

    As you can see from the above list it there is really nothing to difficult in shooting a scene involving the above other than maybe finding a shorter skinnier man and with the massive amount of femdom clips on Clipsforsale it is quite frustrating that we see so few true OTK F/M scenes. Even if you just incorporated a few minutes to a larger scene involving other fetishes to an OTK spanking(lets say a warmup at the begining of a scene that would be cool as well)

    Thank you

  4. Spanking 360 is a joke..we have all been getting teased with it for almost a year. Maybe you guys should set up your own website and really make it happen.

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