Friday, November 18, 2011

Wooden Warmth Is Keeping Tommy Sitting Uncomfortably!

Hello all! As I have mentioned in earlier posts, Tommy has been on the receiving end of spankings a lot more than I have recently. It's not like he deserves them more than I do, well, maybe he does, but I have just been wanting to spank him more than get spanked. I still know that I need my spankings, no one is perfect, but I just can't help but want to drag him over my knee and pepper his backside with my hairbrush! Just today, before I left for work, I once again took our large 'Cane-iac' paddle with holes and lit up his rear-end. What was his offense? What is it usually? Sassy back talk. That is something that I just cannot let go. If you let sassiness go...they will keep doing it and doing it. So, I nipped that little problem right in the butt!! I took the paddle right off our wall, turned him around and put him against the wall said paddle was hanging on and gave him a dozen or so good hard whacks. Only after the first two or three did he start dancing and yelling out. And once I was done...he tried his best to rub out the sting, but of course to no avail. I got dressed with him in the corner and the good boy that he is, he never turned around once. Maybe he knew what would happen to him if he did! After I took him out of the corner, he got a big hug and kiss and off I went to work. I knew I did a good job when I came home and saw that his bottom was still blushing adorably! I took him over my knee and gave him a good long hand spanking, paying extra special attention to his sit spots (that's my favorite spot to spank!) After I was fully satisfied, I let him up and put him back in the corner where I admired my handy work, pun intended!

It was then that I really put some thought into me spanking him. Not that long ago I never even thought about spankings. Then, all I really wanted was to just be spanked. Now, I am doing most of the spanking! In the couple years that we have been together, we have grown tremendously. Not only with our spanking adventures, but as a couple as well. Our trust has grown. Our love has grown. It really has taken time and patience to get where we are today and it is going to take the same to continue growing. I have learned a lot about myself and about Tommy, too. When I first met him, I would have never imagined in a million years that he had a spanking fetish. He is a very independent person and does well in life. Learning about his fetish at first took me back. Then, as we talked more about it, I became humbled by the fact that he trusted me enough to open up to me, to fully trust me with his deepest fantasies and wants. That is no easy thing to do. After a few months over his knee, it came time to take him over mine. At first, it was weird for me. I felt out of my element being a Top. However, after talking more and 'practicing' I grew to not only accept Topping him but I started to enjoy it! I mean, wouldn't you enjoy that bubbly little bottom growing red over your knee? Anyway, I am happy to have Tommy in my life and I know he loves me with all of his heart, just as I love him with all of mine! And don't worry, I will be getting mine soon enough! *gulp* But, until then, bend over Tommy!

I love you Tommy! <3

Hehe <3 Giselle


  1. Hi
    You guys have a great relationship and are an inspiration. Hope you have a hard spanking weekend.
    Michael M

  2. What a great post, two are a lot of fun!

    Dana Kane

  3. Lovely! Ha, yes, I'll bet he was afraid to turn and look at you from the corner, LOL! :)

  4. Spank his ass in diaper position until it is on fire and all aglow! That will keep him warm!

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  6. Another great post Giselle!
    A little fire and Wooden Warmth down below is good thing!:-)


  7. Giselle: hoping that all is well with Tommy and yourself, and that you bring your blog back to life
    bottoms up

  8. Nothing like a good bare bottomed spanking from a woman. markie

  9. This is just a lovely post, in so many ways! Sigh.
    Hugs and happy new year, Sara

  10. My wife found this sight and wanted me to see that women know how to properly address the little boy inside of us male. Sitting is a problem once my wife is done with me, only thing I hate worse is standing facing the wall, bottom on display, wanting to rub and cannot not. My mother in law knows of the spankings and have seen the results and agrees with her daughter, she this past christmas gave her daughter a large hairbrush, all thought what a nice gift, I soon learned it was for me, talk about a spanking dance. So I will tell my wife I've seen this blog, and have told my story.

  11. I hope you two are still doing well, and that Tommy is getting lots of spankings! (lucky guy)

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  13. A spanking fine way! You are lucky Tommy... A few of us wish 4 a wife, that restores the way, things should be! And may the spanking times escalate, to create a very red bottom on you!


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