Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Lesson Has Been Well Learned

Today, Tommy received his punishment spanking for getting a parking ticket. Right now, he can't sit without wincing...the way he should be! Any type of law breaking should not and cannot be tolerated. Now, he will always make sure to check the street signs and get up on time. Or else...

You knew someone was in trouble when the familiar sound of scolding echoed down the hall. "I tell you every night to check and make sure you are not parked in a cleaning zone. Clearly you haven't been listening to me!" Giselle knows exactly how to leave you speechless as she taps her high heel while scolding you. The look her in eyes are stern, but with a little disappointment. In a domestic discipline relationship, sure spanking may be your foundation and both (or more) parties enjoy it, but when you have to spank your partner for punishment, you do feel somewhat disappointed in their actions that warranted the spanking. Nonetheless, if a spanking is required than it is the responsibility of the other partner to firmly carry out the appropriate discipline. Being in a switch relationship, it is even more important to be able not only know when to administer a spanking, but to know when you deserve to be spanked.

Tommy was draped over my knee, pants yanked up and spanks rained down on his more than deserving bottom. It was in no time that his pants were lowered and another volley of hard and heavy spanks fell upon his naughty butt, now only protected by his thin boxers. It was at this stage that a wooden spoon and 2 wooden spatulas were introduced into the punishment session. "But, but, you don't need those!" A desperate plea. "You're right, I don' do!!" After a full rotation of these implements, which each provided its own stingy bite, Tommy's boxers were lowered, exposing a bright red bottom radiating just a little bit of heat. Hand, spatula, spoon, spatula, hand became the rotation as Tommy kicked and squirmed like a well punished naughty little boy, only grabbing onto my heels for support. The sounds of smacks, yelps, and scolding was all that could be heard. After countless rounds with each implement, and a final volley of firm hand spanks right on his sit spots, Tommy's spanking was over. Still scolding, I stuck his nose in the corner, where he stayed as I sat behind him, admiring my handy work, high heel tapping. Every flinch was met with a sharp spank and a threat of a total repeat. 10 minutes later, Tommy was let out of the corner, given a big hug and kiss, a little bit of bottom rubbing, then it was pants up and on with the rest of the day.

Tommy learned a good lesson today, tickets = hard spankings! Also, another lesson has been fortified; we both are very lucky to have each other and to have domestic discipline play a part in our life together. To be able to trust each other enough to give ourselves up to each other and submit to not only sensual and play spankings, but also strict disciplinary punishments, means that we both know what we need and have the courage to step up and provide the lap for the other to drape over. As much as spanking is fun, it is a strong bond that keeps us in line with each other, wary of our rules, and strict on enforcing them. Gotta admit, though, it is too much fun trying to get each other in trouble!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

So, naughty Tommy got himself a parking ticket the other day, and tomorrow is punishment day for him. "It's just a street sweeping ticket," he claims but all he gets in return is, "you wait until Thursday." Well, tomorrow is Thursday. Tomorrow, Tommy will be learning, the hard way of course, that any kind of ticket is a bad ticket.

In a switch relationship, both parties have to look out for each other. If one is in need of guidance, and that guidance is discipline, than that partner should feel honored to have someone there to provide that discipline. Tomorrow, Tommy is going to get that discipline.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

You Are All Naughty!

For posts now we have been encouraging all of our readers to comment us on their (your) questions, comments, and concerns. Now we know everyone can be shy now and again, but are we going to have to spank some responses out of you? Hmm??

Come here!

We are pretty sure we aren't all that intimidating. We both have nothing but open arms to comments and strong arms for spankings! You know what...we bet it's because you want to see more. Well, with a little help from our friends, we will be able to show you plenty more. Let us know what you want to see, we know you all have more than enough bottom burning ideas. Be warned, just like if you were staring down the business end of a big giant scary wooden paddle, mind your tongue! And yes, we do have a big giant scary wooden paddle, so behave yourselves out there!


Saturday, March 12, 2011

This Is Fun!

We have to say...the spanking community is awesome! So far, everyone that we have come in contact with and have had the honor to work with have been so cool. Who knew painting back porches red, and getting your own back porch painted red, would be so much fun? Well, now we know!

Taking a spanking is no easy task, nor is giving one, but taking one seems to be harder at the time of the spanking. It's one thing to toughen up and take a spanking, gritting your teeth the whole time and holding in your pain. It is another thing to completely let go and allow yourself to be truly punished. That, in our opinion, is truly a tough thing to be able to do. We feel very blessed to be able to let go in each other's control. Love is a powerful tool :)

We are continuing our expansion into videos and we have Audrey and Stefan to thank for it! Keep an eye out for future videos and exclusive content. Also, keep the comments coming! We love every piece of input and can't wait to bring you more. Happy spanks! :)