Friday, May 20, 2011

What Was Once Lost, Has Been Found!

Over the past month, we have been going without our beloved paddle. I know, crazy!! Some may think that because of its size, it may not pack the punch needed for corrective disciplinary spankings. May we both testify to that wicked little paddle's ability to make us cry! We have both been on the receiving end of that paddle, and it has brought us the satisfaction of properly spanking the dickens out of the other. Since its discovery, we haven't really "celebrated" its return to our lives. We really can't think of any better way to "celebrate" than to give each other good old fashioned over the knee paddlings on our bare bottoms!

That paddle hangs high and proud in our living room. Every guest or passerby who glances at it always stops, and puts on a face of wonderment. Some will come out and ask, "Is that a...?" And, of course, we will both answer, "Yes, a paddle." Most people just giggle at it, figuring it as a novelty decoration, we presume. One guy even teased his girlfriend with it, making her blush in front of a party. Once or twice though we have been asked why we have it. The answer is always the same, from either of us, "It keeps him/her in line!" That response always gets giggles, which in turn makes us giggle, but for a different reason. We find it funny that it is an automatic response from people to not believe us. The idea of young lovers, or anyone for that matter, willfully participating in spanking one another just is not a believable situation. For us, and you, that is a completely believable situation, and a gosh darn good situation to be in! We are happy!

We first got the paddle in New York City at one of the many sex shops. We didn't expect to find anything really good in any of the stores, until we got to this one shop. They had a wide variety of wooden and leather paddles. This one caught Giselle's eye. We asked to see it, gave each other a couple whacks with it in the store, and came to the conclusion that we had to have it! It is black, sleek, and so solid! My gosh, does it pack a wallop! For our first actual spanking implement, we did good. Since then, it has made us both cry from spanking each other, and has appeared in a few different shoots. It has been with us since the beginning of our spanking relationship, as if it is a part of our relationship. Finding it was like revisiting our beginning. So now, like the beginning, we are going to go "celebrate" its existence in our relationship. Hope it hasn't been too long for our naughty behinds!

And...if you think our little paddle is just a little toy...why don't you come try? :p

<3 G & T

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Fun Little Reminder For Giselle

Lately, our DD relationship has been very F/m heavy. Granted, I may act up a lot more than Giselle does (surprise surprise) but that does not mean that Giselle can't find herself over my knee. Yesterday, Giselle found herself over my knee for no real disciplinary reasons, really just for a good maintenance spanking. 

You see, I felt that the lack of lighting a fire under her pants was something that needed to be corrected. So, after explaining to Giselle that I love her very very much and want the best for her, she concluded that it was too long since her last spanking, playful or punishment. Understandingly, but reluctantly, she draped herself over my knee on the couch. While wiggling her cute little tush, she braced herself for her first spanking in what had seemed like forever. After a couple seconds of bottom rubbing preparation, I began peppering her pants covered bottom. Even over her pants, I could tell she was feeling the spanking by the cute little yelps she was making. "Ow...Ow...Owwww...." was the tune slowly growing louder in the room. "You can 'ow' me all you want, but you are getting this spanking young lady." Giselle did not like that statement and tried to block her bottom, but a quick arm pin put her back in her place. "Now now, my love, you know you need this. Can't have your tolerance non existent, or you are going to find your future punishment spankings to be unbearable."  Her arms went limp in realization. "Yes, sir."

I slipped my fingers in her pants waistband and lowered them down to her mid thigh. I could see the bottom of her cheeks poking out of her silky black panties, and they were a nice shade of pink. "Now for you to actually start to feel this spanking. Ready?" With a gulp she replied, "Yes, sir." WHACK! The cracking sound of bare hand on panty clad flesh rang out as did her cry of pain immediately afterwards. "Nooo!" She yelled out. "Yes!" I retorted. I then began to spank her pert little tush but good. I alternated cheeks back and forth, making sure to cover her sit spots with extra stinging spanks. As her bottom started to glow red even through her panties, she kicked and squirmed more and more. "Sir, pleeeaase!! No mooore!." She pleaded as I continued to spank her bottom, harder now. "You will take your spanking like a good girl, and that is that."  SPANK SPANK SPANK!!! Her cries were almost as loud as the spanks."Now it's time to get to business."

I lowered her panties. By that time her bottom was a pretty good shade of red, but I knew she needed more. SPANK! Her bare bottom was completely at my mercy, and I was going to make sure I made that spanking count. I spanked her as hard as I could with my hand. "You are lucky I don't go get an implement young missy. My hand should be enough to make your bottom a good deep red and your inner brat put in check. Right?" I followed that question with a fast volley and spanks to her sit spots. After kicking her cute legs after each hard spank, she turned back to me, looked me right in the eyes and answered my question with, "Yes, Daddy." We both got instant smiles on our faces. Those were the last words spoken. I continued her spanking in good fashion, making sure to cover her whole bottom in hard spanks. Her yelps got louder, but her kicks calmed down. I took that as I wasn't spanking her hard enough and laid into her backside as fast and as hard as I could. SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK!!!

After about 5 minutes of just straight hard spanks on her bare bottom, which became an excellent shade of apple red, I could hear her quietly sobbing. "Ok, my love, this is your last set. After each spank, you will thank Daddy for your giving you a maintenance spanking. Understood?" After taking a second to gather herself, she looked back at me and said, "Yes, sir." "That's my good girl." SPANK! It caught her off guard. "OW! 1, thank you Daaaaaddy for spanking me." SPANK! "OWW!! 2...thank you Daddy for spanking me..." SPANK!!! "OOWWWW....3...thank you Daddy for sp-spanking me...." She counted each spank as loud as the spank itself. "Last one....ready?" I didn't even give her time to respond. SSPPAANNKK!!! Her back arched as she cried out. "20!! Thank you Daddy..." "For what?" "For sp-sp-spanking meee. I love you Daddy!" It made my heart all warm and fuzzy. "I love you too, my little brat. Now, nose in the corner. Go." She hopped off my lap, gave me a kiss on the cheek, and stuck her nose right in the corner. 

Cute little giggles started coming from her corner, along with a bright red glow. "What are you doing over there?" I asked with a smirk. "I'm loooving you," she said. I walked over and rubbed her hot to the touch bottom. She giggled some more.


 "I love you too."