Friday, May 20, 2011

What Was Once Lost, Has Been Found!

Over the past month, we have been going without our beloved paddle. I know, crazy!! Some may think that because of its size, it may not pack the punch needed for corrective disciplinary spankings. May we both testify to that wicked little paddle's ability to make us cry! We have both been on the receiving end of that paddle, and it has brought us the satisfaction of properly spanking the dickens out of the other. Since its discovery, we haven't really "celebrated" its return to our lives. We really can't think of any better way to "celebrate" than to give each other good old fashioned over the knee paddlings on our bare bottoms!

That paddle hangs high and proud in our living room. Every guest or passerby who glances at it always stops, and puts on a face of wonderment. Some will come out and ask, "Is that a...?" And, of course, we will both answer, "Yes, a paddle." Most people just giggle at it, figuring it as a novelty decoration, we presume. One guy even teased his girlfriend with it, making her blush in front of a party. Once or twice though we have been asked why we have it. The answer is always the same, from either of us, "It keeps him/her in line!" That response always gets giggles, which in turn makes us giggle, but for a different reason. We find it funny that it is an automatic response from people to not believe us. The idea of young lovers, or anyone for that matter, willfully participating in spanking one another just is not a believable situation. For us, and you, that is a completely believable situation, and a gosh darn good situation to be in! We are happy!

We first got the paddle in New York City at one of the many sex shops. We didn't expect to find anything really good in any of the stores, until we got to this one shop. They had a wide variety of wooden and leather paddles. This one caught Giselle's eye. We asked to see it, gave each other a couple whacks with it in the store, and came to the conclusion that we had to have it! It is black, sleek, and so solid! My gosh, does it pack a wallop! For our first actual spanking implement, we did good. Since then, it has made us both cry from spanking each other, and has appeared in a few different shoots. It has been with us since the beginning of our spanking relationship, as if it is a part of our relationship. Finding it was like revisiting our beginning. So now, like the beginning, we are going to go "celebrate" its existence in our relationship. Hope it hasn't been too long for our naughty behinds!

And...if you think our little paddle is just a little toy...why don't you come try? :p

<3 G & T


  1. Wood equals pain. Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. Nothing quite like a shared fav paddle.
    So who owned up to mis-placing it?

  3. Hi
    Paddles are a favourite. The small ones in hardwood which can be carried easily on holiday are a special joy. Your invitation to stop by and try yours is appealing but unfortunately I live on the other side of the pond.
    Great blog. Good luck with your lifestyle.
    Michael UK

  4. I prefer a paddle and I own a varied selection of them. Made from wood, leather or synthetics I like them all. I just got my hands on a piece of ironwood WOW!


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  6. Giselle and Tommy,
    Having noticed several hits from your blog, I'm just now (shamefully) getting here to read for myself...and I am smitten! Excellent blog, great subject matter, and the two of you have such a wonderfully engaging way of sharing your stories.
    Thank you.

    - Dana Kane

  7. Thank you all very much! We are glad to see you are all big fans of paddles and their excellent stinging action! lol. Miss Kane, we are both very glad you enjoy our blog and look forward to your continued adventures in spanking. To be fair to each other we both took the blame equally for losing our beloved little paddle, so we both must be punished for it. Naughty, naughty us! :)

  8. My wife gave me my first bare bottomed spanking on our wedding night and hasn't stopped in our 30 marriage.

  9. I thinks it's so hot that you two love getting a little behind in your play - keep those little cheeks burning .

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