Monday, October 25, 2010

Role Play Spanking: Late For Work!

Punctuality is the first and most important step towards a good work practice. If you are not even there to work, than you can't get better. 9 a.m. means 9 a.m. Coming in a few minutes late, after making a phone call informing of the late arrival, can be excusable. However, if you stroll into work hours after you are suppose to come in, well after lunch, than you have a problem that needs to be dealt with strictly and firmly. 

This was the case for Giselle, secretary for Mr. Tommy Marino, CEO for That Big Company. Since being hired, Giselle has made sure to be dressed up to par for her work environment. The problem with that was she took her very sweet time getting ready. Today she took it too far. When Giselle walked into work, 1:35 p.m., she was greeted at her desk by a little note, folded up. On the front of the note it said, "Roses are red..." This immediately gave Giselle goosebumps all up and down her back. She figured her sharp and attractive dressing has finally began to make an impact on her boss, who she thought was a mighty fine looking man. Like a giddy young schoolgirl, she was excited to unfold her note. "...and so will be your bottom! Get in my office now!" Giselle gasped! She was completely shocked! Could Mr. Marino be serious? Looking up at the clock helped convince Giselle that Mr. Marino's threat is well deserved. 

*Knock Knock Knock*

"Come in." "Mr. Marino, I am so sor..." Giselle was cut of. "Giselle you look stunning, however, not 4 hours and 35 minutes late worth the wait. Have a seat, Giselle."Image and video hosting by TinyPic  "Giselle, we both know you wear those high heels and tight skirts to draw my attention, and believe me you draw a perfect picture. This does not mean that you get to take as much time as you see fit to get ready to come in. I had to work through my lunch time to stay caught up on the morning's work. Without you here, I was barely able to keep on schedule. You are an important asset to this company and you must be on time everyday to get what you need done, done. Instead of firing you, I feel you will better learn from some discipline. I would give you an option but since you gave me no option this morning, I feel it is just to give you none." Mr. Marino's stern voice gave Giselle more chills, but these chills didn't feel as sexy as the first. "Mr. Marino, please, I am really sorry. It will never happen again." Giselle tried to plead with Mr. Marino, tugging on the bottom of her short skirt. "Giselle, this is for you own good. I would rather you work standing up than not working at all, as I'm sure you would. Stand up and take your chair to the middle of the room."

With the chair in place, Giselle stood anxiously waiting for her punishment to begin. She was getting butterflies, who had butterflies of their own. Mr. Marino stood up and walked over to Giselle. He sat down and patted his lap. "Over my knee." Reluctantly and partially excitedly, Giselle laid herself over his lap. Her skirt rose up as her body bent over his knee. She put her hands on the floor and her feet were dangling in the air, high heels pointing high in the sky. Giselle could feel her skirt rising, but made no effort to stop it. This was the closet she has gotten to Mr. Marino, and she was going to enjoy it as much as she could. That enjoyment was short lived once a heavy handed spank landed right on top of her skirted bottom.


Mr. Marino began peppering Giselle's bottom, alternating back and forth between her cheeks, wrapped in her tight black skirt. Every so often he would rub down her legs to her knees, making her kick her heels up. As soon as she realized he stopped, he started back up again, spanking hard and steady. This pattern continued for only a couple minutes, for it was time for her skirt to come up. Giselle thought the first time Mr. Marino was going to go up her skirt, it would be under different circumstances. Right away Mr. Marino resumed spanking his naughty secretary. Her mix of "owies" and moans turned into a chorus of "Ow!"es and "Please"es and "No more!"es. She felt the hot burn of punishment due to tardiness, an act perfected in high school, on her pert bottom. Giselle's only protection now was a cute pair of pink panties. Soon enough Mr. Marino could see a red glow peeking out the sides of her panties, a good sign to him. "Since I'm sure these aren't helping you out too much, let's just take these down then." Giselle let out a gasp as he slid his fingers into her waistband and lowered her panties to her knees, fully exposing her shapely bright red bottom. "But Mr. Marino! You can't!" Giselle pleaded. "Oh, can't I?" The response tied up Giselle's tongue. The crisp sound of high speed skin on skin contact ringed inside Mr. Marino's office. Hard spanks painted Giselle's very sore bottom a deep red, instilling into her a punishment she has long left in her past. She was surpried that she was now holding back tears. She couldn't figure out if it was the pain, the embarrassment or the fact she was being punished like a spoiled little brat. But the harder he spanked and the more he scolded her about being on time, the harder it became to hold back those tears. She already gave up on not trying to kick and plead for mercy. Almost as if he knew, Mr. Marino said, "Stand up Giselle." "Finally," she thought to herself as she lifted up and blinked away a tear. 

Mr. Marino stood up, looked Giselle straight in her eyes and said, "Same position, over the chair. Lay down." "You can't be serious Mr. Marino! I have had enough." Giselle tried to plead her case that she was punished enough. "I will determine when you have been fully punished. You were way too late today, and this is what you need to get back on track. Now, lay back down Giselle." Reluctantly, Giselle complied with his order. Once she was back in position, she heard him go to his desk, open a drawer, and then came back over to her. She then felt a soothing cold feeling on her hot and stingy bottom. She turned her eyes back to see a small paddle resting on her backside.  Image and video hosting by TinyPic  

"You can't...sir..." Giselle pleaded with the most innocent and remorseful voice. "I can, and I will. I am going to paddle you good and hard. This is going to make sure you remember this. After I am done with you, you will be a well spanked young lady. If you wiggle too much, you will get more. Count every lick. Ready, Love?" She loved when he called her that. "Y-yes sir." "Good girl." *Spank!* She couldn't believe the pain she was feeling. "Oww!" "Excellent, this will definitely get through to you." With that said, Mr. Marino began paddling Giselle's already red bottom. It didn't take long for those tears from before to reappear, this time without being held back. Giselle started crying as her day time day dream continued to paddle her slowly but steadily, steadily hard. Hearing her cry made Mr. Marino know she was feeling like he wanted her to feel, like a bratty little girl being disciplined soundly. "Pllleeaasse sir!! No moooore!! Ow!...Ow!! No more Mr. Marino!!." Giselle cried out. Tears streamed down her face as she continued kicking her heels up and down in pain. "This *spank* will teach you *spank* to be on time *spank* and to take your responsibilities here *spank spank* seriously!" Giselle cried out louder as her paddling was coming to an end. Mr. Marino paused, and looked down at Giselle, taking her face in his hand. He again looked right into her eyes, only this time he saw a well spanked young lady, who was sorry and in pain. 
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"You are going to count these last ones. After 20, you are going to thank me for punishing you. Is that understood?" Tommy gave her a warm smile, the first he's given her all day. "Yes sir, I understand." Giselle blinked away enough tears to show him that she was really ready. Mr. Marino got back into position and laid the paddle across her bottom, beat red and hot to the touch. Taking careful aim he lifts up the paddle, then brings it down with more force than anything before. "ONE!!" He almost couldn't tell if she counted or just yelled really. "Let's see what 2 sounds like..." he thought. "OWW! Two..." Giselle yelled out, more tears rolling down her face. By 10 Giselle was sobbing, kicking hard at every paddle hit. At 15, she couldn't take anymore. Each hit rang in her ear and all over her bottom. But, she never lost count. *spank* "19!!" Giselle cried out, gaining a salty taste in her mouth as she gasped and tears rolled. Mr. Marino took careful aim, he was going to make this one count. *SPANK* "OOWWW!! *cries* 20!" A slight pause, silence only broken by the sounds of a punished young lady's sobs. "Thank you Mr. Marino. Thank you for punishing me. I promise I'll never be late again, sir." Giselle laid limp over the chair, no care about how uncomfortable her stomach felt on the chair. 

Mr. Marino picked Giselle up, grabbing her by her small waist. He stood her up, turned her around, and once again looked her in her eyes. He saw her tears still coming, not as hard but still making her eyes glisten. "You took your spanking very well Giselle. Now, you are going to go in the corner, bottom presented and soak this whole experience in." Giselle walked by him, panties still around her knees, but still able to perfectly stride in her high heels. As her glowing deep red bottom strutted by him, Mr. Marino spanked her with his bare hand. He felt the warmth of punishment radiate off her backside. 

As Giselle stood in the corner, she felt his smile. She turned ever so slightly to him and said, "Thank you again, Mr. Marino."

"Please me Tommy."

"Yes sir." She turned back around and smiled at the corner.

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Hope you like this one everybody!

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  1. Wow, great posting. Love the scene and how you two played it out. Wonderful story and well written, hot in fact! I am a switch and so enjoy your scenes and you two switching, love it.

    Nice sound spanking and paddling, love over the knee and my favorite is a long panty spanking but this was awesome.

    Now to the bottom of things, what a beautiful bottom on display Giselle, red with the panty hugging your legs but beautiful and so spankable.

    Great site folks, keep having fun and spanking. It is a pleasure to read, and very erotic as well.


  2. I noted you as a follower on our Blog and then found your Blog. Nice to see fellow switches. You remind us of ourselves when we were your age.

  3. That was a great pic/story look forward to great stuff from your blog, bill