Saturday, September 10, 2011

That Look She Gives...

You ever look at someone and realize instantly that they need a spanking? Ever catch someone's eye that is telling you that YOU need the spanking? That seems to happen a lot around here. If you're the one catching the "spanking eye", you get a rush of several different emotions. For some, it is an instant turn on. Seeing their spanker dressed to kill, or spank rather! There may be instant excitement, but for just about everyone, fear surely follows after any initial emotional reaction. Timidness, nervousness, and even humbleness are some of the major emotions that run through our minds when we are staring down the scary end of a paddle (or hairbrush in this instance). It is hard to keep your composure when a smoking hot woman hikes her skirt for you, only to make room for you to go over her knee. And with a hairbrush pointing you in the right direction, one can only hope it won't be as bad as one is thinking. For Giselle, dressing provocatively only adds to the rush Tommy gets right before, and during his spankings. 

Wouldn't you just melt if....

You walk in the door, home from work. As you close the door, you start to hear a steady paced clicking on the floor. You turn around and see Giselle, sitting in her straight backed chair. You see that that clicking sound is her tall high heels tapping on the floor, tapping in stern annoyance. Her legs are crossed, making her tight black pencil skirt rise just enough to notice her stocking tops. A low cut pink top is the background to her hairbrush, which she is waving back in forth with her crossed heel. Her beautiful eyes are hiding behind a pair of glasses, thick and matching her long gorgeous hair. 

Giselle is looking at you, clearly mad. You can tell she is mad and that you should be looking her in the eyes, but you just can't seem to help looking her up and down. "Enjoy it now, because you won't be enjoying anything in a minute." she says in response to your eye groping. She dressed like this on purpose. She knows how bad boys are and knows exactly how to deal with bad boys. You still can't help but look at her, every inch of her stunning and beautiful. You make it up to her eyes, and they lock with yours. They are gorgeous, yes, but they instill a fearful feeling in you. You can tell in her eyes that you are in some big trouble. As much as you want to continue ogling her body, you just can't seem to leave her eyes. 

You walk up to her....

"Now that I have your attention, we need to discuss your behavior, young man. Everyday you come home and make a mess. You throw your clothes everywhere, leave plates still on the dinner table, and rip the covers off our bed. You need to start being mindful of who takes care of this house...and I know just how to get you to." As Giselle is scolding you, she points her pink hairbrush at you. You know the sting of that hairbrush all too well, for this is not the first time you find yourself in this position. All you can stammer out is, "Yes Ma'am..."

Giselle uncrosses her legs...

"Get over my knee, now!"

Of course, you obey Giselle's command. As you lay across her lap, you already feel her go for your waist line to lower your bottoms. "We start on the bare, and end on the bare." She sternly says. "Ready?" You grab a hold of her heels and reply, "Yes Giselle."

Your spanking begins....

Giselle's definition of a warm up has you already kicking over her knee. She holds you by your waist tighter. "You are NOT going anywhere."  She says in a very stern and confident voice. Before you get a chance to reply, your warm up continues. Stingy spanks slowly rain on your now blushing bare bottom. After another minute or so, Giselle gently pats your bottom and says, "Now to get down to business."

SPANK! The first one catches you off guard and before you can regain yourself, Giselle has already locked in her rhythm and is spanking away at your naughty little bottom. Each spank feels harder than the last and they keep on coming. You kick more over her knee, something Giselle does not tolerate. "This just will not do." She says as she pauses your spanking. She lifts up one leg and pin down both of yours. You can feel her silk stockings rub against your legs. "That's the only good feeling your going to have!" She scolds as she resumes your very hard spanking. You begin to whimper and she picks up the pace and spanks even harder. Those silk covered legs keep your kicks down. 

"And now...the hairbrush!" She almost sounds excited. You try to plead your case but you catch her eyes as you turn to look up at her. You gaze into her eyes, almost getting lost in them. Then, suddenly...SPANK!! The first of many hairbrush spanks snaps you out of her gaze and right into a very painful spanking. Your whimpers are now cries. Still she holds your kicks in place. That dreaded hairbrush is peppering your very well spanked bottom, and she makes sure to get your sit spots good. 

An eternity passes when you finally notice that Giselle has stopped spanking you. She is rubbing your deep red bottom, making you wince. You lay there, your sobs slowly coming to an end. "Now, pick yourself up and get in that corner. Go on." She unlocks your legs and gives you a quick spank on your sit spots to get you moving. You quickly get up and stick your nose in the corner. Giselle sits back, crosses her legs, and admires her handy work. 

After a few minutes, you her Giselle moving behind you. You are curious to look but your burning behind tells you to stay put. She clears her throat and says, "Turn around..." The demeanor of her voice has completely changed. 

"My turn?"

Are you melting? Hope you liked it! We sure did ;)

<3 G & T