Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Long Absence, Due To Summertime Fun!

With Spanking360 in the works of becoming finalized and ready for release (patience everyone, patience), we have found ourselves in a position to enjoy some summertime fun! This of course includes trips to the beach, late night outings, and tanning...tanning each other's bottoms! Being covered in sunburn is nothing compared to having a more than sun burned backside. And just for the record...sunblock does not block spankings! Even if the spanking is as hot as the surface of the sun. Now that's hot!

Now imagine having this kind of roasted rump underneath your cute little bathing suit, walking down the beach. We will say this, the looks you can get with a bright red bottom! It is kind of weird to be tan all over, and just "sunburned" on your butt cheeks. Usually white sticks out from bikini bottoms, not red. 
Either way, this summer has been turning into some good times. Even with our slow down of shoots and whatnot, we have been keeping ourselves busy. We are sorry for not posting in a while, but we have not gone anywhere. We are going to continue sharing our spanking adventures with you. We have noticed some excellent blogs growing elsewhere in the spanking community and it is awesome! You can find some really good links over the right side of our page. 

With all that said, it is time to get back into the loop!! There is a couple new polls up, so please pitch in your two cents on the them. Also, one of the most important things for us as bloggers is feedback. We know it has been a while, but any comments are good comments. Let us know what you think. Any questions, comments, or concerns are welcome. Shoot ideas are great too. Let us know!!
In the mean time...we'll leave you with this short story:
"How does this one look?" Giselle asked Tommy. 
Tommy has been waiting on Giselle for well over 2 hours now. They are suppose to go to the beach today to meet up with their friends and spend the day together. Being that they were suppose to be there already, and there they were, still at home, Tommy was growing impatient with Giselle's constant outfit changing.

"It looks just as good as the last three, baby. We need to go." Tommy proclaimed. 

"Well, maybe if you gave me some feedback, I can make my decision." Giselle wittingly said back to Tommy.

"Oh so it is my fault we are late? Is that so?" Tommy asked with evident sarcasm. 

"Well, it would help. Instead you are just sitting there, like a bump on a log. Besides, all of these show too much of my butt. you don't want that, now do you??" Giselle said with a smirk.
"You know what, I do want that. As a matter of fact, I want more than just that. Not only do I want your butt poking out, but I want a RED butt poking out!" Tommy said with a stern demeanor. 
"You can't be serious..." Giselle said with a dropped jaw.
"Very serious. Let's go, now!" With that said, Tommy grabbed Giselle and pulled her over his knee quickly. Being that her bottom was pretty much already exposed in her tiny little pink and black bikini bottom, Tommy began spanking Giselle hard and fast.
"After I am done with you, everyone is going to know that you got a spanking!." Tommy yelled. His rhythm was quick and sharp. He aimed right where her pert little bottom poked out of her tight bikini bottoms. Every spank made Giselle kick and squirm. 

"Tommy stop!! Ow! You can't spank me now! Ow! Ow! We are going out!! Oww!! Please, baby, stop!!! Ow! Ow!!" Giselle pleaded, but to no avail. Tommy hooked one leg over hers, pinning her legs down and restraining her from kicking. 
"I can do what needs to be done, and right now, that is punishing a spoiled little brat who has been taking her time all morning!" Tommy pulled down her bikini bottom. The sound of hard bare bottom spanks filled there apartment. The only sound that matched it were Giselle's cries of pain. After only a few minutes or so, Tommy stopped spanking Giselle and let her up off his lap. She quickly went to rub her bottom.
"Now now, no rubbing. I want to make sure that color sets in good. Everyone is going to see your bright red bottom. You are done changing, grab your bag so we can get going. I will finish your punishment tonight when we get back home." 

All Giselle could manage to get out was, "Yes sir." Tommy leaned down and gave Giselle a big kiss on her forehead. then another kiss on her lips. As Giselle turned to walk away, Tommy gave her a good spank on her already sore bottom.
"You already got some good color, and you haven't even made it to the beach yet." Giselle stuck her tongue out at him. Tommy smiled.

Hope you liked it!!! <3

G & T


  1. I am a bisexual spanking top and I have to say that you two are one of the most attractive spanking couples I have ever seen. When will your videos be available for purchase?

  2. You're a cute couple, and that was a cute story. I hope no one saw the evidence of Giselle's spanking at the beach. That would be much too embarrassing for her. :)

  3. Grazatt..thank you very much! :) Our videos will be available once Spanking360 launches. Then you can see our cute little bums nice and bright red and our reactions while receiving!

    TFD..Giselle knows how to handle embarrassment. Let's just say, she wasn't the only one ending the night with a sore red bottom! ;)