Monday, June 20, 2011

New Toys! New Shoots! 100K Views!!!

Ahh!! We have hit 100,000 page views!! Thank you all so much for your continued interest in our blog!

First, we had no paddle to properly punish each other with. Now, we have a good starting collection to really teach each other some proper discipline! We are now proud owners of a wooden paddle and leather strap,  gifts from our good friends at Spanking360, and boy do they do the job! Speaking of which, we are in the planning stages of upcoming shoots for us. Our bottoms are in for quite the spankings! >.<

Now that we have a bigger personal arsenal, we can "practice" more. Having a couple heavier implements makes our punishment spankings more effective, and tear jerking! The strap is doubled and has a picture of Miss Audrey Knight on it, faded of course from extensive use hehe. The paddle is a good small size for over the knee paddling.

We are prepping up for our next round of shoots coming up in the next couple weeks. We will be shooting with the lovely Lily Anna!! Most may know her as an adorable bottom, but we are in for quite the surprise when she is the one doing the spanking and we are doing the kicking and squirming.

So, as the temperature rises with the coming summer, so will the temperature on our bottoms with the coming spankings! Guess we should start using these new implements more, huh? ^.^

                                          <3 Our Blushing Bottoms!!


  1. Great stuff and you two continue to amaze.

    Lily Anna is a sweet heart and a wonderful lady, enjoy your time with her, she is the best.


  2. That's exciting about Lily Anna! How are things at Spanking360? Was getting really excited for the launch and then it seemed like the blog/updates stopped coming. Is it still going to launch this year?

  3. Hey... for a paddle we use a cutting board for bread. It's something that you can leave in a kitchen or dining room with nobody wiser to its real use (of course, if you store it in a bedroom it sounds suspicious).

    We have also used a ping-pong paddle