Monday, December 6, 2010

Lets Start With Some F/m

Being that our poll (see left) clearly shows that we have a lot of male bottoms viewing our blog, we are going to start out with what most of you, Tommy included, would love/dread to see in front of you. Hope you enjoy!

Ms. Giselle L'Amour is the no-nonsense headmistress of the most prestige boys academy in New Jersey. If you have earned a trip to her office, then you are in for quite the visit. Being the very busy woman that she is, to be interrupted by a visit from you, for disciplinary actions, is not good for you or your bottom.

After sitting outside Ms. L'Amour's office for what felt like an eternity, young Tommy is called into her office. As soon as he walked through the door he was greeted with a stern look, a look he hasn't seen since he was a young lad and Mommy wielded her hairbrush. Instead of his Mommy with a hairbrush, though, he was now staring at his Headmistress with a long school ruler. After closing the door behind him, she tells Tommy to have a seat.

"Well Tommy, what have you done to deserve a trip to my office?" Ms. L'Amour's tone sent shivers down Tommy's spine...right to his bottom. "Headmistress, I didn't mean to..." Tommy was cut off. "I would hope the first thing you say to me isn't a lie, Tommy. Whenever a student tells me they didn't mean to do it, all that tells me is that you knew what you were doing and you knew it was wrong. With that said, why don't you try that explanation again from the top." Ms. L'Amour tapped the ruler against the palm of her hand, one heel tapping on the floor.

Tommy knew the sound of heels tapping all too well, a clear sign of frustration and annoyance. "Headmistress, what I did was wrong, and I am really really sorry." Tommy said, hands folded behind his back. Ms. L'Amour walked slowly over to him and said, "And what did you do that was so wrong? Hmm?" Tommy could smell her perfume, he thought it was beautiful. "I cursed out my teacher in the middle of class..." Tommy finally blurted out, keeping his eyes on the floor. "What about all those books you knocked over as you left that class?" His headmistress glared at him sternly. Tommy was really hoping his teacher was going to leave that part out. As he left his class in a fit of rage, he knocked over all of his classmates books off their desks. "So not only did you disrespect your teacher, but you had to disrespect your fellow classmates as well? Well, I do not have all day, so we are going to get right to it. I was just going to give you the ruler, but to make sure you learn your lesson, and everyone else can see that you learned, I am going to give you a good over the knee paddling. I am a Mommy too, and dealing with my naughty little boys is an art I am quite good at. Let's begin."

Ms. L'Amour put her ruler in the corner. "Go into my top drawer and pull out what you see." Tommy complied and pulled out, what he thought, was a not so threatening sized paddle. Noticing his reaction, Ms. L'Amour gave a small grin. "Oh, you will feel that." Tommy gulped. Every click of her heels on the floor made Tommy twitch on the inside. "Give it to me." Again, Tommy complied. "Now go get that little bench and put it in the middle of the room. Quickly now, I don't have all day to deal with your naughtiness, young man." All Tommy could say was, "Yes Headmistress."

After sitting down and getting comfortable, Ms. L'Amour motioned for Tommy to come over to her. "Tommy, you are being punished for disrespecting your teacher, your classmates, and above all, this school which I am in charge of. Your outbursts and total lack of respect will NOT be tolerated in MY school. Get over my knee, NOW!"

Ms. L'Amour wasted no time. She quickly undid Tommy's pants and lowered them along with his underwear. After getting him in a secure position over her knee, his punishment began. THWACK! "OW! Headmistress that hurts!" Tommy yelled out. "Good." Ms. L'Amour said back to him. THWACK THWACK THWACK. Her office rang out in sounds of a paddling on bare skin and the yelps and cries of a naughty boy getting that paddling. She did not hold back. In no time, Tommy was kicking his feet and doing his best to hold back tears. Ms. L'Amour held him tight in place without losing her rhythm. "You *thwack* will learn *thwack* to respect *thwack* everyone here *thwack* I *thwack* will make sure *thwack thwack thwack* of that!"

"Ma'am pleeaassee this hurts so bad! I'm sorry! I'll be good, I promise!" Tommy yelled out as her paddle reigned down on his very red and sore bottom. She responded with, "Oh you are definitely going to be sorry when I am finished with you, young man!" THWACK THWACK THWACK!! Tommy's bottom was a deep crimson and felt like it was on fire. Even with the slow numb feeling settling in, each paddle lick felt like the first one. Ms. L'Amour made sure to get his sit spots all too well. "I do not expect to see you sitting down for the rest of the day..." The bell rings. She landed one final paddle stroke THWACK! "But I do expect to see you here after school." She let him up and pulled his pants up. "Now go back to class!" Tommy scrambled to fix his pants and tuck his shirt back in. "Th-thank you Headmistress f-for s-s-spanking me." Tommy sniffled. "Your welcome Tommy. See you soon."

"Yes Ma'am."

"Good boy."

Hope you enjoyed!! More to come!! :)

Photo Credit: Alan Boatsman


  1. Very nicely done :) Kudos guys!

  2. A well dressed attractive woman. WOW! So few of them these days. And clicking heels are important.

    Tommy should bring his dress up to yours. And comb his hair.

  3. Wow that was great, encore and bravo

  4. Now that is a story and great shots, you are one beautiful lap and obviously a great spanker, great work thanks. Wow that is really nice, good fun as well.



  5. It is a charming narration. He deserved the beating undoubtedly but I do not believe that the sitting will be painful for him for a long time. He didn’t get the cane and the paddling is a moderate punishment.

  6. This reminds me of the role play School Game my grade three girlfriend and I used to play.