Thursday, December 16, 2010


Audrey Knight has released another excellent video preview on her blog Spanking 360! In this one, you will see Giselle getting her first spanking from Audrey. And of course, it was a good over the knee spanking with a hairbrush! Also, you will see Tommy getting his bubbly little bottom spanked beet red by the strict Krystina Rhyzhkov! He was sent to her by Giselle for some directed discipline. We are sure all of us can't wait for the official launch of her new site. Then we can see these clips in their entirety along with plenty of other great Tops and bottoms :)

Tommy sure does take a paddling. It takes a strict girlfriend to send her naughty boy to a strict disciplinarian. Then again, not all girlfriends are exempt from the rules or the punishments for breaking them. Tommy can think of no other than Audrey Knight to take care of  his bratty little girl.

We are so happy that we hit 30,000 page views! It is so awesome that you all visit our blog and we are excited to continue showing you more. We are getting great poll participation and we enjoy all your comments! Giselle is very happy to have so many fans ^.^ Tommy will definitely keep his attire tip-top and will be subject to much harsher punishments. Again, this does not fully protect Giselle from the same fate. More role plays, including messy maid and secretary, will be shot. We are hoping in the near future that you all will be able to see Giselle on other sites and eventually the both of us on our very own website.

Keep the comments coming and votes on the polls! Stay tuned for more!!

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