Saturday, January 15, 2011

Expanding Into The Spanking Network!

We have finally made an account on Spankolife. Took us long enough, right? Anyway, now that we have made a profile there, it is easier for people to get in contact with us, and for us to reach out to others as well. Being the "Facebook" of spanking that the site is, we are definitely enjoying the site and its capabilities to expand into the spanking world. Please feel free to come check us out: Us! We'd love to hear from you!

While surfing the site, we came across our good friend and strong spanker (when he's not over Miss Audrey Knight's knee) Stefan Rhyzhkov. He has some excellent still shots from Tommy's first video shoot for Audrey's Spanking 360! Here are a few!

These are from Audrey's Directed Discipline series. Featured is Krystina Rhyzhkov as the disciplinarian in charge of taking care of Tommy's naughty little tush! As you can see, she is a strict disciplinarian that takes her job very, very serious. As you can also see, Tommy can take one hell of a punishment. Want to see more? You are going to have to wait for Audrey's site launch! Trust us, we can't wait either!

Enjoy these excellent F/m shots and stay tuned for more! Poll participation is up, hopefully we will get some comments again! You know we love hearing from you. Check us out on Spankolife and stay warm out there! A paddle a day keeps the cold away!