Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year, Same Goal!

We want to be able to show you more of our spanking adventures. This is no easy task. Sure, we could use our phones to snap some decently blurry shots of our pert little red bottoms. The problem with this is that we, just like you, enjoy good quality photos and videos! With the holidays behind us, the both of us want to have more red hides behind us as well. We have more shoots on the way, including a video shoot!

Now that it is the middle of winter, it is important for everyone to keep warm. For us, keeping warm means lots of snuggling, big cups of hot cocoa, and plenty of spankings! You tend to forget that you can't feel your fingertips when all you feel is a fire being lit on your bottom. Most people use wood to keep fires going. Like those people, we like to use wooden spoons and paddles to keep the fires under our butts roaring. The good part about that is we can keep using the same wooden implements over and over again...unless they brake of course. The colder it gets outside, the harder we have to spank each other. That makes sense...right?

As we prepare for our upcoming shoots, we not only want to have our fantasies acted out, but all of yours as well. We keep saying it, the more you tell us the more we know. Keep the comments coming and as always participate in the polls. It isn't easy for us to get to spank as much as we, and you, want to but we are definitely doing the best we can. In the next few months we should be able to be in an environment that will allow us to go nuts! We can both get a little carried away when we are over each other's knee (or bent over or laying down) and it is important to be in an environment where you can just let go. A decently bright red bottom turns into a deep crimson red. Small whimpers turn into loud cries. Slight kicking turns into wiggling and escape attempts. You get the idea.

Still, we both get our fair share...

The new year has much in-store for everyone. We are going to continue working hard to live out our spanking lifestyle and to show you as much of it as possible. Here is another video from Audrey Knight's Blog featuring M/f at Spanking 360. As you can see, Giselle can take one hell of a spanking. She just seems to be getting in trouble a lot, huh? We are all looking forward to Audrey's site's launch!

Remember, stay warm out there! ;)

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