Friday, February 4, 2011

Tick Tock...

The clock is counting down for our little weekend getaway. For most, a weekend getaway consists of a beach, house by the water, good people and good times. Well, we are going to be enjoying all that, but on very, VERY sore bottoms! We got ourselves into some naughty trouble, and of course, there is only one recourse in our immediate future...good hard spankings! Notice that was plural...spankings! You think we got it bad in our previous video previews, wait until you see us after our upcoming punishments. Spankings, strappings, paddlings...oh my! Maybe even the cane could be awaiting us. We are oh so excited, and nervous!

This next adventure is going to be an excellent addition to our experiences and a hell of a good time. We are still branching out and trying to join other organizations and groups. We are growing on Spankolife and are trying to get into some naughtiness in NYC. There are some great sites and groups!

Anyway...wish us luck!! <3

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