Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Warm Weather, Warm Bottoms!

With warmer weather taking over the chilly days and nights, comes much warmer bottoms! Since our last post, it seems that Tommy is having a hard time keeping his bottom from blushing big and bright. No only was he spanked the very next day for his sassy little mouth, but he got himself a couple more bottom blisterings after for various infractions including but not limited to: bratiness, sass, tickets (yes again!), and panty snooping. I gotta say, he is quite the cutie, just so silly when it comes to earning himself a spanking. You'd think he likes being draped over my knee.

Also, we wanted to share this video with all of you, if you haven't seen it already. It is hilarious and very catchy!

It makes us giggle every time! Any who, now that it is getting warmer, we will definitely be shooting a lot more. It is such an adventure to be able to spank and get spanked, knowing that our sore little bottoms will be on display for all to see. It is kind of like being put in the corner, hands to the sides, and told to stay for an eternity while everyone can see you in the corner, well spanked. Every second of it has been tons of fun and we know it is only going to get better! Getting spankings from others has been a real eye opener. To have been over the knee of and bent over for some high quality names is exciting. Of course, there is no lap better for us than each others'. Even without videos or photo shoots, we have each other and that is perfection beyond belief. Neither one of us would trade what we have, our special bond, for the world.

G & T  <3


  1. i just found your site...very sexy...very cool!!! - uhhh...i mean hot!!! i look forward to more-more-more!!!

  2. I had to laugh at this post. Another 'panty snooper'!

    I, too get in trouble with my Lady this way (we even have 'panty stealing' as a pre-printed part of our 'Notice of Discipline' form) and end up over her lap quite often for this 'offense'.