Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Naughty Easter Bunny

We hope you had a wonderful Easter, we sure did! Chocolate, bunnies, and naughtiness sum up our Easter Sunday and it is going to be an Easter that Tommy will soon not forget! As most of you ladies do, I sure, you get all nice and dressed up for Easter. A nice top, conservative skirt, decently high heels, you know...dressed like a nice young woman. Now, is it any way for a naughty young man to act by rubbing against you and groping your stocking clad thighs up and down like an uncontrollably horny teenage boy? I mean, going half way up your skirt just to feel stocking tops (in public!) is completely unacceptable in my book, and in my book, that kind of naughty behavior earns you a trip over those said stocking clad knees for a thorough discipline session. A good old fashioned spanking! This is exactly what needed to happen today, since Tommy just can't seem to keep his naughty little bunny paws to himself.

While visiting Tommy's parents for Easter, they decided to go out for a while, leaving us alone. Immediately Tommy started going up my skirt, enjoying to feel of sheer stockings against his skin. "Enjoying yourself?" I asked him with a little smirk "Oh, absolutely." he replied. "Well then...let's see if you enjoy this!" I grabbed his arm and yanked him over my lap. Before he could respond with that bratty mouth of his, I lit his butt up good. But before I continued with brightening his lower quarters, I decided to give him a little Easter treat. "Go set up your phone over there and record what I'm about to do to your naughty little bottom. Go on..." His face lit up adorably as he hopped off my lap and did as I said. "Hit record and drop those jeans." He did so, blushingly. "Get over here." I told him. He shuffled over to me and I put him back over my knee.

From there, I painted his Easter egg cheeks a good solid red! And, like the good little bunny that he is, he took it like a brat champ. That is, until my hand got tired. "You know what? Go get me a spatula." I ended that sentence with a good sharp spank as he again hopped off my lap. He quickly brought me a wooden spatula, rosy red cheeks and all. "Turn around." I told him, and he complied. I then delivered a series of hard spanks on each of his sit spots. Each spank made him jump up and yelp. "Does it hurt?" I asked with a smile. "It huuuurts." he replied. "Good, that means it's working." I stood up, adjusted my skirt, and made him bend over. Ten minutes later, I had me a very well punished naughty bunny. I tell you, his bottom glows an excellent shade of red. It was, as always, an honor to be the one to give him the spanking that he so rightfully deserved. And now, Tommy has himself a recorded reminder and what happens to naughty bunnies.

I love you Tommy <3


  1. Lucky bunny!

    Just don't use a chocolate paddle :)

    Good luck you too. Always interesting to see what you are up to.


  2. She loves you as she uses a wooden hairbrush on your bare bottom.