Friday, November 12, 2010

Location Location Location!!

We moved! Oh boy indeed lol. Our new residence has inhibited our spanking progress, temporarily of course. We are working hard to produce material on a more professional level, or at least better quality than we have now! Keep a look out in the very near future for improved photos, and soon we hope to have links of us with some of your favorite spanking models! A hint? Audrey Knight loves Giselle's legs ;)

We are continuing to branch out and gain contacts with as many names and faces, mainstream to local, east to west as we can. NYC has great parties and events for just about every kind of spanko out there. We cannot stress enough the importance of feedback. The more we know, the more we can provide! It is great to be able to explore this world with each other, and it is even more great to be able to share our experiences with all of you :) Comments, emails, messages of any kind are welcomed and encouraged.

So, it seems as time goes on that Giselle is having a lot more fun. Starting as someone none the wiser to the spanking world, she really has embraced Tommy's life long fantasy lifestyle. From playful swats and foreplay bottom warming, to midday scolding (which is hot in another language) and trips over the knee that do anything but make Tommy think about sex. We are switches, yes, but Giselle has taken a liking to her power over Tommy's adorable inner brat. From his cute little pouts and yelps while over her knee, to the powerful and sexy outfits that define and truly show off  her stern demeanor and authority.

 It did take a little bit of time for Giselle to get used to Topping, but she has had a smile on since the beginning. Now of course Giselle still gets her fair share of discipline in the relationship, but since Tommy has been wanting/needing a loving hand on his backside since he can remember, Giselle has been getting a lot more practice on her scolding and spanking techniques. The stern look for across a room, a well placed "You just wait.", and her absolute love for the outfits that tell you exactly what role she is playing has made Tommy a very happy, and humble, young man. Would any of you out there, male or female, mind at all to be draped over that lap, with that paddle raining down on your more than deserving bottom? Stop blushing, you know you deserve it!

As time goes on and we continue to grow in the spanking industry, Giselle will be more than experienced in giving AND receiving some very good, hard spankings. She may have the dominate upper hand in this relationship, but we all know she will end up with her bottom up over many a knee. No matter who is giving or receiving a good old fashioned bottom burning, Tommy and Giselle's hearts will always belong to each other, and that you can't spank out of us!! Trust us, though, you are more than welcome to try.


Before we forget! Our last poll ended with Messy Maid as the winning subject for Giselle's next spanking. A great comment we received suggested a good ol' switch-a-roo. So, Maid Giselle is going to definitely learn a lesson in keeping a tidy house and all chores up to date. However, Homeowner Tommy just might find himself on the receiving end of his maid's frustration. Stay tuned for those updates and please check out the new poll! Don't be shy!! We love comments!! <3

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  1. Good morning,

    Good luck in your new location and yeah understand location can hinder spanking adventures.

    Great posts and I love your sharing your very special relationship and spankings. Love it.

    Be well and can't wait to see the maid get her cute panties warmed up and again love the thought of the maid turning the owner over her lap as well.

    Thanks for sharing.