Saturday, November 27, 2010

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

We are continuing to do our best with what we have. With upcoming photo shoots and possibly video shoots, we are excited to soon be able to present you with quality material. We are finally settled in our new location and are keeping each other warm in the cold, well, at least our bottoms warm....very, very warm. I wonder if you spank a bottom good and hard enough, would steam show outside? It is a funny picture to imagine, but a hard picture to take.

Any-who, this post is really to reassure everyone that we are still here and still spanking! Lately, the spanking power has been shifting back and forth, again, we got to keep our bottoms nice and toasty! :) Being that Tommy goes out more than Giselle, however, he has needed to be kept warm just a little bit more than Giselle. That still does not leave her in the dust. Being also that Giselle pretty much is always in a skirt, that leaves her poor legs to feel a chill now and again, so now and again she gets to have a nice toasty fire lit on her behind. Tommy has to keep his precious love nice and warm, after all. And even though she will protest to it, she knows in her heart that she would be a cold little snow bunny without his warm, loving hand.

Another subject that we wanted to bring up was our polls and comments. It seems our poll participation has died down since we have started, even though our site visits have almost been consistent. We do understand not everyone likes to leave comments, but we love it when we get comments! Like we have said, the more we know the more we can do to make everyone happy. If there is some type of scenario or outfit or implement or anything, we don't know you want it unless you tell us you want it. And chances are, we would absolutely love to do it! In the oh so near future we will have more material and have the means to continue bringing you material. Remember, good things come to those who wait. If you can't be patient...then perhaps a little attitude adjustment will keep you well behaved and waiting. Who knows...maybe one day we can provide that to you as well ;)


  1. Great pose are you waiting for Tommy to take down his pants and get over your lap for his spanking

  2. Giselle, hot as heck sitting in that chair waiting on Tommy but love the reverse, you rubbing a well spanked bottom.

    Great to know you two are having fun and still spanking.

    It is cold here now in NJ, so spank away.

    Hey did the maid ever get spanked and did she turn her boss over her lap?

    Best wishes,