Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Warm Bottom In These Cold Times

Hello again everyone! Yes, we are still alive, and yes, we are still spanking! Don't let the lack in posting mislead you. Being college students, and living the working life at the same time, it seems we only have the time to either post about spanking, or actually do some spanking! Which would you choose?...

This pretty pink hairbrush is our newest addition to our implement selection. It's plastic, shiny, and packs a hell of a punch! Being that Tommy broke the flat-backed wooden hairbrush Giselle had on her more than deserving behind, it seemed necessary to get a new hairbrush. Only this time, we don't see it braking anytime soon. And, just to make sure...we tested that theory out! And this time, Tommy was on the receiving end...and the end result?....

A blushing bottom!!!

Isn't that just the cutest red rump ever? Tommy was squirming quite a bit, and of course Giselle was liking not being on the bottom end of the deal! And we can say confidently that that hairbrush isn't going anywhere for a long time. Now that is it getting colder, we are turning to each other for a warm hand. At night, we have our cuddles to keep us comfy cozy :) However, when it's time to go to school or work, it helps to have a little oven cooking under our pants/skirt while we are out. Poor Giselle, having an new office job, finds herself in an environment in which she must dress to a certain professional level. We are sure our previous posts of pictures can give you an idea of her outfit selections. Pencil skirts, blouses, high heels, you know...all of our favorites. And of course, with the cold coming, and Giselle's refusal to wear dress pants, stockings. Now, with her dressed in such a manner, we are sure you can imagine that Tommy is finding himself over Giselle's knee a little bit more than Giselle over Tommy's. However, like we said, we BOTH need to keep warm ;) Besides...could leave this naughty little girl unspanked?

Of course not, duh!

In the past two days...Tommy has found himself with a quickly spanked behind on both days. The first, while undressing after a long day at work, Giselle bent him over a chair and took a wooden spoon to his still cold from the outside bottom and warmed it up real fast. Then yesterday, Giselle took Tommy over her knee for a good long hand spanking straight on his bare bottom. After she was done, a space heater couldn't come close to the heat radiating off his well spanked bottom. The tables then turned on Giselle when it came time to head to the office. She found herself bent over the couch for a belt whipping over her tight pencil skirt. Then today, again before work, Tommy sent her on her way with a freshly spanked bottom. A couple minutes on her panty clad behind with that new pink brush kept her warm all the way there, in the office, and now back at home she is still wincing every time she stands and sits down! So, we guess you can say...we are staying warm in these cold times.

Are you???

<3 G & T


  1. Hi great to see you back and so busy keeping warm.
    Michael M

  2. The first spanking I received from my wife was on our wedding night and hasn't stopped yet, 30 years later. markiee

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  4. Spanking is a fantasy ?

  5. Love to be spanked before my dom takes my ass with a strapon! Giselle is very sexy! I'm sure ya'll have alot of fun!

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