Saturday, March 12, 2011

This Is Fun!

We have to say...the spanking community is awesome! So far, everyone that we have come in contact with and have had the honor to work with have been so cool. Who knew painting back porches red, and getting your own back porch painted red, would be so much fun? Well, now we know!

Taking a spanking is no easy task, nor is giving one, but taking one seems to be harder at the time of the spanking. It's one thing to toughen up and take a spanking, gritting your teeth the whole time and holding in your pain. It is another thing to completely let go and allow yourself to be truly punished. That, in our opinion, is truly a tough thing to be able to do. We feel very blessed to be able to let go in each other's control. Love is a powerful tool :)

We are continuing our expansion into videos and we have Audrey and Stefan to thank for it! Keep an eye out for future videos and exclusive content. Also, keep the comments coming! We love every piece of input and can't wait to bring you more. Happy spanks! :)