Sunday, October 17, 2010

We Have Experienced Some Delay

We have to apologize for our time lost since our last post. Time does have a way of escaping us all, doesn't it?? Any who, we want to leave it up to all of you to decide what actions must be taken in order for us to not have this happen again. We are more than sure you all can come up with some good ideas to instill some, oh what's the word....discipline? Yes, discipline :)

Neither one of us have really gotten a good bottom warming in a little bit now, and what better justice than to have those we may have disappointed to determine what should be done about it? We can't think of anything better. With that said, please leave us a comment with your suggestion for Tommy and Giselle's discipline. Please also participate in our new poll; the more votes the more we know! Maybe we need to have a mother figure is our lives, keep us on track...

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...Or maybe we need to go back to school and learn our manners....

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...OR maybe we should leave it to each other >.<

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Whatever our outcome is, we are ready and willing to receive it. We can't wait to see all your ideas!! We promise to keep posting!! <3


  1. HI

    Just found your site, very hot. So simple, take matters into each others hands! Giselle, wear a nice business suit, shirt and take Tommy the panty peeker over your lap while he is wearing the white panties you caught him in. Spank him long and hard with your hand, the best over the panty. Then a nice brushing on his bare.
    Giselle, yuo then put on the plaid skirt, boby socks and white panties. Tommy, nice pair of shorts, Giselle then is over your knee for the same spanking on the panty and bare that you just recieved.

    Have fun

    Great blog

  2. Of course, you did find a mother figure, that would work for both of you as well.